A Better Way to Outsource Is Just Around the Corner

Reduce costs and scale your business with nearshore outsourcing in the Dominican Republic

Build a team of experts that is close to home but less than half the price.

Some teams need to be nearby. The Dominican Republic offers the perfect place to build a CX team that shares proximity, a time zone, and a strong cultural affinity with your customers. Access a new pool of experienced, dynamic talent with our DR-based teams, at costs that are 50% less than the local market.

The Most Advanced Country in the Caribbean

With a highly rated telecommunications and transportation infrastructure, a supportive, stable government, and many years of BPO experience, the Dominican Republic provides a safe, long-term solution for customer support.

Enmanuel Maura

Vice-President Of Growth

Enmanuel has over 20 years of experience in the outsourcing industry and has successfully directed sales, operations and client relationships in BPOs.

William Lorenzo

Country Manager – Dominican Republic

William Lorenzo brings 20+ years of BPO experience to the table, with a proven track record of enhancing call center operations, boosting efficiency, and driving results.

Multilingual Talent

With the 2nd largest population in the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic currently has over 50,000 outsourced workers and growing. The country also features the most multilingual population in Latin America with an abundance of native Spanish, English and French speakers.

Cultural Affinity

With over 2.4 million people of Dominican origin living in the United States, there is a strong connection between the two countries. This familiarity pays dividends for customer service teams who need to understand and form a connection with U.S.-based customers. The Dominican Republic also provides the perfect base to service the rapidly growing U.S. Hispanic market.

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