Solving Onboarding and Attrition Challenges at STG

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STG is a leading global manufacturer and seller of specialty consumer products. The company partnered with SourceCX to enhance customer service delivery, focusing on challenges in onboarding efficiency and employee retention.


“When seeking a BPO solution for our ecommerce customer care, we evaluated over 12 companies. We selected SourceCX for their competitive pricing, employee-centric approach, and collaborative ethos.”

— Danielle Boldis, STG Contact Centre Manager


The objective was to develop an onboarding process to enable new hires to achieve performance targets within 90 days and maintain attrition rates below 10% per class.

Key Challenges

  • Before working with SourceCX, it took new hires at STG approximately 120 days to meet performance standards, impacting customer support and overall service delivery.
  • Attrition rates were also high — tracked at 50% for the first three training classes, affecting service levels and financial performance.

Tailored Solution Design

Following an in-depth initial consultation, SourceCX designed a comprehensive training program addressing STG’s specific challenges — delivered through a blended learning program combining resources, training, and coaching.

The three key elements of the solution were:

Customer Service Academy: A tailored onboarding program focusing on core competencies such as active listening, building rapport, probing, and empathy to onboard newly hired customer service agents efficiently.

Customized Training Material: Tailored learning materials to suit the specific learning style of Filipino team members, enhancing comprehension and reducing failure rates and time to competency.

Structured Workplace Training: Included a nesting program with scheduled coaching and support, accelerating proficiency and target achievement.

“The training and quality assurance team works tirelessly to ensure that each class is adequately prepared for their new role. They also support the operations team with data analysis, identifying knowledge gaps, and supplemental training and materials.”

— Danielle Boldis, STG Contact Centre Manager

Responsive Implementation

The training program was developed through close collaboration with STG, ensuring alignment with role-specific requirements and business objectives. This included:

  • In-depth analysis of role-specific competencies and skills
  • Continuous incorporation of stakeholder feedback
  • Training content refinement based on performance data
  • Program updates in response to evolving business needs

“SourceCX’s operations team has become an integral part of STG through their transparency, alignment to our best practices, and ongoing recommendations and collaboration.”

— Danielle Boldis, STG Contact Centre Manager

Program Impact

The partnership between STG and SourceCX significantly enhanced the onboarding experience, leading to cost savings and improved operational efficiency.

By leveraging SourceCX’s specialized onboarding strategy and expert training team; STG’s onboarding program is now positioning its team members for consistent success.

The revamped onboarding process significantly cut down the learning curve, enabling new hires to achieve their performance targets within 90 days. The attrition rate also dropped substantially, meeting STG’s initial goal of maintaining the rate below 10% for each class.

“We have found a true partner in SourceCX and have been impressed by their recruiters — who continue to fine-tune candidate profiles to find the right talent for our team. We’re grateful for their willingness to consistently adapt to our needs and work alongside — providing a great experience for our customers.”

— Danielle Boldis, STG Contact Centre Manager